Lumonol – Is This The Real Life Limitless Pill? Check Our Review!

In the swiftly developing field of nootropics, new supplements come and go with astounding regularity as the industry is new and in its genesis phase. And, much like any other newly emergent industry, different products emerge as old ones are lost, rediscovered or supplanted by newer, better products. Some of these supplements are of shady, questionable value, while others have side effects, not everybody finds agreeable, ranging from poor sleeping to over-stimulated appetite. It is for this reason that anyone with any interest in smart drugs displays a certain amount of caution and foresight in choosing which supplements to consume and in which amounts.

What Is Lumonol?

One new supplement that is not even a year old as of this writing is Lumonol. A new product on the swiftly growing market of brain supplements, this pill is already steadily growing more popular with both newbies and experts in the still developing fields of nootropics. This is because it is bringing some new ingredients and new possibilities that have not yet been seen in the world of brain enhancing nutritional supplements, and in a field dominated by bright minds looking to push that even further, most any new discovery in the field is quite exciting. This supplement, however, seems to live up to the hype of its status as a new discovery to keep an eye on, as more and more people flock to this new chemical.

The company behind the supplement makes powerful promises. Claiming that it will soothe a user’s problems with staying focused on matters, ignoring distractions, overcoming poor memory, handling anxieties and resisting fear, as well as sorting through a scattered mess of thoughts that can be hard for the unaided brain to sort out, it certainly sounds like a miracle drug. On top of enhancing the mind and purging its shortcomings, the supplement also promises that its users will feel less stress and more calm in their everyday lives.

The fact that it is not a drug and is in fact, a nutritional supplement makes it seem less intimidating to the average buyer, particularly those wishing to be at their absolute best as often as possible, with as few side effects as possible. This is a long cherished dream of scientists, professional and amateur alike, and the makers of the pill claim to have finally achieved that goal, claiming that no other nootropic supplement can match their results.

Lumonol’s makers assert that their products’ users feel improved cognition, more energy, more intense focus and far more motivation than they did before taking the supplement. Users have reported less procrastinating, and older users have reported sharper increases in memory, while younger users report feeling more attentive and less distracted. The capsules are entirely vegetarian and constructed under very specific United States Food and Drug Administration guidelines, as well being GMP certified and carrying a 90 day guarantee that its users will see positive results in their memory, sleeping, mood, mental clarity and capacity to focus, a guarantee not even prescription drugs can safely promise with any level of comfort.

Reviewing Lumonol’s Ingredients

The ingredients of this brain supplement are theoretically ensured through the revolutionary use of noopept, a chemical initially developed by researchers to tend to the brains of those people who have come down with brain sicknesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and various forms of dementia. However, a few of these researchers wondered what this substance could do working with a healthy brain, particularly in light of the compound’s apparent increases in memory creation that some considered to border on the impossible. When that was discovered, it was found that the substance had other effects as well. It has been proven to expand the power of the human brain in a long term sense by cleansing the brain of waste products and other toxins, both ingested by humans and produced as a natural course of brain activity.

Noopept in Action

Noopept works in three different ways to affect the human brain in ways that improve memory and reasoning power with no known side effects. First, it affects two brain receptors known in biology circles as NMDA and AMPA, both of which are long established factors in the human learning process. Second, it influences the nerve growth factor and brain neurotrophic factor, both of which are essential elements in the continued health and vitality of the neurons that make up the human brain. Finally, the drug increases the amount of acetylcholine in the brain, the neurotransmitters that help human beings learn and retain memories.

Other ingredients in the supplement are also intended to play well with other supplements. However, two chemicals the supplement pairs well with are guarana and alpha GPC. Guarana, in particular works well with noopept, as it potentiates noopept and makes it even more effective at enhancing the human capacity for memory, be it complicated on the job instructions or the basics of a brand new language.

In addition to 15 mg of noopept, each supplement also contains 250 mcg of vitamin B12, an essential vitamin for energy production that also supports a healthy nervous system. Additionally, each capsule has 515 mg of the supplements “focus blend” a mix of phosphatidylserine, acetyl L-carnitine, L-tyrosine and of course a core of noopept. The supplement’s “energy blend” contains 430 mg of a combination of panax ginseng, hordenine and guarana. Finally, perhaps most importantly, the “memory blend” element of the supplement contains 170 mg of ginkgo biloba and alpha GPC. Mixed together with rice flour and veggie capsules to hold it all in one place, Lumonol certain has all the elements of a state of the art supplement.

The noopept alone is a revolutionary element of this supplement, and stacking it with other ingredients may be the first truly limitless supplement on the market. Though the supplement is still new, emerging towards the beginning of 2016 but based on much earlier research from scientists from across the planet, many users are reporting ever more cumulative effects in their mental prowess, from concentration to motivation to reasoning power, but especially to memory. Indeed, according to the supplement’s website, Lumonol is ideally consumed before moments where successfully memorizing or recalling a specific memory is most important to the user, be it a difficult examine, a long coding session or open heart surgery.

Lumonol Side Effects

The manufacturers do offer some warnings with their product, however. The supplement’s effects are cumulative and grow over time rather than being a temporary boost like other brain supplements. Clinical studies report that consuming a single capsules provides an intense burst of motivation inside of 20 minutes after the capsule is consumed. The company advises that users new to nootropics run a sensitivity test by only taking a single capsule of the supplement each day for the first few days of taking it. Further, after taking getting used to the supplement, the manufacturers still advising taking only two a day, and not taking it too close to when the user needs to sleep, as this can and will result in a restless, unpleasant sleep. Additionally, they advise taking a break from the supplement two days out of every seven. And, after ninety days of consuming the supplement, they also advise taking a thirty day break from the supplement after every ninety days of taking it. Clearly, this is a serious supplement that must be used carefully.

Lumonmol Wisdom Formula

The drug also comes in a few varieties for specific users. Lumonol Wisdom is a supplement intended for senior citizens over the age of sixty. Because noopept was intended to treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, it is only natural that the supplement can be of great interest to seniors looking to make the most of their golden years. However, advanced age tends to lead to memory loss, lessened energy levels and a haze of the mind that makes it hard to really enjoy these years and maintain independence. The Wisdom formula containers the same nutrients as the regular formula, but also adds two new nutrients. The first is Huperzine A, originally drawn from an ancient Chinese herb that modern science has discovered can be amazing at treating age related memory problems by increasing the amount of acetylcholine released into the brain. It also contains an element of CDP Choline, the most powerful choline yet developed, another supplement that has for some years been prescribed to treat memory impairment brought on by the natural processes of old age.

Lumonol Prep Blend

The Prep is a blend intended for use by children from the age of eight into the late teens. This blend is intended to help children do their best in school without any of the usual problems in the classroom such as low mood, poor capacity to pay attention or near constant distractions. It does this through the use of three addition nutrients. The first is Rhodiola rosa, an adaptogen that the human body uses to prevent strain and damage from stress, and has been shown in clinical trials to help children suffering from low attention spans, weak focus, and problems with anxiety. L-theanine is intended to help children relax without serious sedation, it has been shown to lessen distractions that often cause children to act out and engage in disruptive behavior. For children who have problems paying attention but do not actually have ADHD, L-theanine can be an alternative. Finally, inositol is a substance used to maintain careful transfer of nutrients and energy to the brain’s cell membranes, used for some years in order to help those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Nova and Luna Blends

The Nova blend is intended to boost energy levels in its users, and while it should be taken too soon before sleeping, when the user does have to be awake, it can be a great boon for their energy levels. This supplement contains the world’s most popular nootropic; caffeine anhydrous. Users for some centuries in coffee and tea, the chemical balance of caffeine in the Nova blend delivers a similar energetic buzz without any anxiety, tension or jitters. Additionally, the supplement contain N Acetyl L-Tyrosine (a chemical that energy the body and swiftly converts into L-dopa that becomes dopamine and norepinephrine that improve a brain’s mood and lessened distractions) and L-theanine (an amino acid found in tea that has long been known to lessen anxiety and tension, particularly the negative side effects of extensive caffeine use, providing the user with a smoother experience than a simple cup of coffee).

Finally, we come to the Luna blend. When used before sleeping, this supplement promised improved, more comfortable sleep, as well as an improved mood and better focused when one wakes up. The substance adds a few other nutritional supplements to the mix. One ingredient is valerian root, an herbal supplement known for thousands of years to help with insomnia that has also been shown to improve clear thought and attention capacity after a good night’s sleep. The supplement also contains a dose of gamma-amino butyric acid that inhibits nerve transmissions from within the brain that leads to nervous activity that can keep human beings awake for hours, particularly those with active minds. It also contains passion flower herb, a vine that has been used for centuries in natural medicine to treat pain, nervous exhaustion, insomnia and other sleeping disorders. On top of all these substances, the supplement also contains chamomile, lemon balm powder, magnesium glycinate and melatonin, all natural substances known to make sleeping easier and more stable.

Lumonol Final Review

While the field of nootropics is still evolving, many feel that these nutritional supplements may be the wave of the future for expanding the capacities of the human mind without negative side effects. While the product is new, initial reports from users are quite promising, ranging from improved mood to vastly improved memory. Cautious nootropics users may wish to wait a while to see what the long-term results of this supplement are when spread across the wider nutritional supplement market, while bolder users may wish to dive right in and see what noopept can do for them. While all precautionary measures should be taken, This new nootropic blend does seem to hold a great deal of promise.